Food Trends for 2019

30 Nov 2018

Waitrose has recently announced its top predictions for the food and drink trends we’ll all want to devour in 2019. So, your pals here at The Fox and Duck thought we should wade in and tell you all about it.

Craft tea

This warm and comfortable drink has always been a staple for Brits, but since we’ve seen so many new flavours and blends hit our shores, we’ve all become extremely sophisticated in our demands of this ever-popular beverage. If you’ve ordered a flavoured tea with us, you’ll know it’s much more than a pot of tea – providing entertainment as well as flavour. I mean, look, isn’t it beautiful?!

Tea is becoming as exclusive and revered as coffee because there are so many varieties! Prepare yourself for craft tea blending and, simply, much more tea.


Veganism goes mainstream

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year for our vegan friends, with some restaurants and hotels now providing an exciting and varied offering, whilst others have simply stuck their head in the sand in the hope this ‘whole vegan thing goes out of fashion’. Well, it’s not going anywhere, folks – and we’re jolly excited to say so. Expect more variety in 2019!

Ice cream

Well, this deliciously creamy and wonderous desert hasn’t really gone out of fashion in 2018, but Waitrose predict that “trendy new parlours are popping up in the UK and pushing (it) to the next level of sensory experience.” That does sound fancy. All we can assure you is that our chefs will continue to concoct our ice creams from scratch next year. Homemade ice cream is the best!


As the Aperol Spritz was dubbed the summer drink of 2018, we’re all developing a taste for slightly bitter food and drinks, apparently. In fact, Waitrose reckon we’ll want more of our meats chargrilled, more dark chocolate in our puds and an increasing demand for vegetables such as kale.

Food waste

This has been a topic on the industry’s agenda for some time now, but as we all invest in better technologies and firms address shelf life issues, we can expect to see a huge reduction across the industry in 2019. We said goodbye to the plastic straw in 2018 and will continue our commitment to reduce overall waste in the new year.

Such an insightful annual roundup of predictions. I think we’ll wait to see what our talented chefs make of the food trends for 2019 and then we’ll see what the real experts – you – have to say.